Calibrations with traceability to national and international standards

LMV provides calibration treaceble to national and international standards on a wide range of measurement instruments on the market: our technicians perform calibrations for the instrumentation of the HVAC sector, such as manometers, manifolds, electronic scales, leak detector, for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, calibrating instruments such as thermocouples, infrared thermometers, thermo resistances, ovens, refrigerating rooms, for industrial sector calibrating bench dimensional measurement instruments such as calipers, micrometers, dial indicators, plug gauge, calibration rings and for the energy industry calibrating clamp meters, multimeters, oscilloscopes and electrical safety instruments.

Accredited calibration certificates

LMV provides accredited certificates on direct current and low frequency electrical measurements,Temperature measurements on thermocouples, resistance thermometers, temperature readers and transmitters, and dimensional measurements on steel gauge blocks.

Instruments management software

Another service that LMV provides, in collaboration with Bytelabs srls, is to supply a cloud software for the management of the company measurement instruments pool where the client can put all the data about the instruments, the calibration due dates, the history of all the calibration and potentially notes, so he can has always everything about his instruments pool under control.

Metrology training courses

Among the other services, our lab provides even the delivering of training courses with highly experienced and trained teachers to give metrology courses both here in our training rooms and at client’s facility, with the issuing of a certificate of attendance to the training event.

Verification of shelving and 3rd category PPE

Our laboratory puts at its clients’ disposal the verification service on the integrity of the 3rd category PPE, issuing a verification report, as requested by the actual European laws and the “Testo unico sulla sicurezza sul lavoro”, that imposes the annual revision of such devices by a vendor’s technician or by a “competent person”. Our lab provides as well the verification service on warehouse or storage shelves.