In LMV, we Create Build Build Solutions

LMV was born in 1999 to provide for the necessity of instrument calibration services in a broad cluster of venetian companies.

During the years the laboratory has continuously kept up to date its measurement standards and the types of tests performed to always move with the times in a never ending evolving market.

In 2012 LMV obtained its first 17025 accreditation by Accredia as Calibration Centre, becoming LAT N° 230 for dimensional measurements.

In 2017 it extended its accreditation field to electrical measurements in direct current and low frequency alternate current. In 2019 it added the Temperature measurements to its accreditation field. 

In 2021, LMV has 3 metrological rooms equipped with the most up-to-date technologies. Each calibration procedure LMV uses grants measurements conformity with the reference international technical regulations, using certified primary standards  to assure traceability and adopting measurement uncertainties suitable to the users requests.

Our Mission

To sustain and offer metrological consulting to companies both local and nation-wide, guaranteeing always up-to-date avant-garde services.

Our Vision

We want to provide to companies in every area measurement instrument calibration, guaranteeing a complete service both here in lab and on-site. Our service doesn’t stop at the calibration, but we provide consulting, repair works and calibration due dates reminder as well.

Why you should choose us

Our strengths are response rapidity and promptness in the calibration execution, keeping at the same time, a high degree of client satisfaction; our centre is in continuous and constant development to be ready to all new requests that the market presents us.


Il nostro Team

People, technician, competence and experience

LMV uses the most up-to-date technologies managed by a high competence technician team, ready to operate on every kind of instrument, even the most recent ones in the market, in order to be always kept up during the calibration activities performed.